Preston Info Sheet

PRESTON 2203 Preston St., Houston Tx 77003

713-842-9522 call/text



SPACE HOLDS : 125 people standing room, 80 people seated at chairs and tables. Tables and chairs take up a lot of space so consider the big items you will have!


SPACE LAYOUT : 3000 sq ft, Main Room 1250 sq ft

3 extra rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, no outdoor space (you can use the private driveway if needed) 

See floor plan: www.sharespace.co/setuppreston


CURRENT PRICING (Holidays, May, December are higher rates)

Weekday hourly $80     Available Monday morning to Friday at 4pm

Friday evening $750  (6pm-3am) can add time prior to 6pm at $80 an hour

Saturday daytime $650  (11am-4pm) can add up to 2 hours prior to 11am $80 an hour

Saturday evening $950  (6pm-3am) no additional time can be added

Sunday daytime $650  (11am-4pm) can add up to 2 hours prior to 11am $80 an hour and also have some flexibility with shifting the hours because Sunday evenings aren’t as booked so feel free to ask us about hours on Sundays.


All time blocks include set up and clean up time (this is the time you can walk in the door to start setting up and the time your door code will activate)

We book based on the time you’re in the space so include set up and clean up time in all hourly rentals as well. 

All rentals have a cleaning fee $85.

Full day rentals have one cleaning fee (and there’s no break in the time from 4-6pm)

Hourly rentals have a 4 hour minimum because that includes set up and clean up time too. If you have an hour meeting with minimal setup/clean up, contact us to discuss. 


Saturday evenings have no flexibility with adding time prior to 6pm because we have a daytime event right before (and clean 4-6pm). You can book the daytime time block to add more time (if available). We keep our time blocks so things run smoothly and because Saturdays are our busiest days to they will almost always get booked. If the daytime time block is not booked the week of your rental, we can add time to your Saturday evening rental for you at the hourly rate $80 an hour. 


Here’s how you can see if a time is booked and keep an eye on it!

www.sharespace.co/pricing  Enter your date, click the location, you’ll see Preston daytime, Preston evening and it will say booked or available with each time block. 



All rentals are booked online at www.sharespace.co/pricing 

We do not book offline or accept checks/cash for rentals. The system triggers all necessary steps so we both have a smooth experience.


Enter your date at the top box, click the Preston location

Preston daytime (Saturday and Sunday daytimes 11-4pm)

Preston evening (every day of the week has an evening rental time block 6pm-3am)
We can add time before 6pm Monday-Friday in most cases

Preston hourly (Monday morning to Friday at 4pm)


Click Availability Calendar under any section to see a calendar glance of what is available and what’s booked, this is great for flexible dates. You will only see the availability for that specific time block (daytime, evening or hourly). 


DEPOSIT : 50% Deposit is the first half of your rental amount and is non-refundable. If your date is less than 45 days out at the time of booking, the full rental amount is due because final payment is due at 45 days from your rental date. You’ll get a text reminder at day 45 if your full rental has a balance. 


To pay your balance: Click Pay Now at the bottom of your invoice. It will have your card on file already saved for easy payment. You can add a new card there as well. You can also text us to charge your card on file (we just have to have it in writing). 


SECURITY HOLD/RELEASE : $300 is completely separate and held two days prior to your rental date using the card on file unless you provide a new card (new cards can be in someone else’s name, they will have to sign a waiver agreeing to the use and potential charges to their card). It’s released the following business day as long as everything is ok with the rental and you’ll receive a text confirmation too. Otherwise we will reach out to you concerning issues. Sometimes this is early the following week if the owner needs to call. Security deposit agreement : https://www.sharespace.co/waiver



Basic cleaning fee: $85 you get everything out of the space (trash, decor, tape, string, food, anything from your event), clean table tops, wipe spills on chairs, put tables and chairs back. Clean vomit, glass, cigarette butts outside. You get everything out, we clean the space itself. 

Additional cleaning: pay an additional $200 ($85 + $200) and walk out the door! This also gives you more time for your event because your check out time is still the same and you don’t have to use that time for cleaning. 


TOURS and time in the space to plan are scheduled online at  https://www.sharespace.co/tour/  Please tour! It minimizes issues with the space not working out, especially because the 50% deposit is non-refundable. Tours and events are subject to cancellation at any time due to new bookings in the venue so check for an email before your tour, just in case! You will be notified via email and able to reschedule for the next available tour. You’ll get a text reminder of your tour. Please do cancel if you can’t make it, as you could be the only one scheduled and we can tour another space at that time. If our scheduled tour times don’t work for you, please let us know so we can help find a good time for you. We have measurements for each space already so check that first if that’s the reason you want to come by. Sometimes you need measurements we don’t have though. www.sharespace.co/setuppreston


INVENTORY  www.sharespace.co/inventory

What We Have Preston (comes with the space for free)

Items can be added after your rental as long as the items are still available. It’s helpful if we have at least a week notice but we can add items after that as long as we are able to. 



12 ft. ceilings (10ft to the rafters)

Rafters (easy for hanging decor)

Kitchen (sink, refrigerator, electric stovetop + oven, microwave)

2 Bathrooms

Single Level

Concrete floors

Indoor only (no outdoor space)

Wifi (great wifi)

Mounted speakers (in Main Room only)



16 rectangle tables, 6ft x 3ft long (require table covers/linens)

60 white wood chairs/80 white plastic chairs 

1 stainless rectangle high bar table (great for using as a bar) 

1 white couch

2 round high bar tables (30in diameter) 

4 metal trash bag holds (use for trash cans throughout the space) 

8ft x 8ft Green Grass Wall Backdrop


WHAT WE RENT AND PRICES : see photos at www.sharespace.co/inventory

Up to 20 White Rectangle Table Covers at $10 each

Up to 20 Black Rectangle Table Covers at $10 each

Up to 10 round cocktail tables available for rent at $15 each (32″ across)

Two options for pole height: 30” and 42” (30” is standard height, 42” is bar height)

Fitted White Cocktail Table Covers $10 each

Fitted Black Cocktail Table Covers  $10 each

Up to 70 Black Fitted Chair Covers  $2 each (fit plastic chairs, not wood chairs)

Up to 70 White Fitted Chair Covers  $2 each (fir plastic chairs, not wood chairs)

Uplighting (set of 8) available for rent $100

Projector (no screen) $35 HDMI connection (cord is 3′ long). If your device is not HDMI compatible you will need to bring an HDMI adapter. With screen $50 (projector and screen).

Wireless mic + bluetooth speaker $50


DAY OF/SET UP INFORMATION : https://www.sharespace.co/setuppreston/   



Outside food and drinks (outside catering is no problem)

Band / Dj 

Painters tape

Wall putty (for hanging decor)

Clear string (if you’d like to hang decor from rafters)

Non scented candles


Nails, hooks, screws, tacks, staples or tape that will damage walls

Scented candles or deodorizer spray

Confetti, glitter, silly string

Tape on the floor that leaves residue

Smoking indoors (automatic loss of security hold)

Do not spray any kind of scented room spray (smoke or alcohol covered up with floral smell is worse. we have our own odor eliminator) You can spray an odor neutralizer that has no scent.



PARKING FOR EVENTS: The private driveway in front of Sharespace – Preston St. parks up to 4 cars. The parking lot to the right is a paid public parking lot. It is conveniently located next door but we have no affiliation with this public lot. They TYPICALLY charge $5 per car but will increase the rate if there’s a game or something happening in the area. We do not have information about their rates ahead of time, it’s what’s posted on their pay station. Our experience is that they don’t raise the rate unless there’s a public event happening in the area. Please be sure your guests pay them. There’s a pay station if no attendant. If the pay station is not working for some reason, let us know and we will do our best to help fix the issue. We cannot guarantee or control their actions. Sharespace is not responsible for this parking lot. This paid public lot is not free at any time. They will boot for non-payment. PLEASE NOTE: Full day rentals are subject to additional/all day parking fees. The parking lot to the left of us is a private lot for next door, there is no parking available at this lot. YOU WILL BE TOWED. There is also a little metered street parking around the building. 










Outside Deliveries: Deliveries must be made during the hours you have the space booked. We are not able to allow for rental drop-offs/pick-ups outside of your rental hours due to other events in the space. We also do not have extra storage for left items or to hold items. Charges and fees will apply for late pick-ups, left items, boxes, furniture etc. 


What to bring, what not to bring 

You can see this and more “day of” information on the Setup Page 



Getting into the space

You will have a door code to enter the building that activates exactly at the time of your rental. We are not there to let you in or during your event. We are available if you have any issues though. 


TERMS AND CONDITIONS : https://www.sharespace.co/terms-conditions/   

21 and up able to rent – Under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Family events are absolutely ok. A parent renting for their teen with adult supervision or chaperones is ok.